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Environmental Consciousness

The no-waste process of Gulf Steel Coating Industries, and the fact that steel is 100% recyclable, makes it a sustainable building method that will make a positive impact on the future of our environment.

Gulf Steel industry has a long commitment to aggressively seeking ways to reduce our environmental footprint while producing the advanced and highly recyclable steel that our economy needs. In fact, the steel sector is recognized as having the steepest decline of total air emissions among nine manufacturing sectors studied in EPA's 2008 Sector Performance Report.

The industry's demonstrated leadership in meeting and exceeding environmental requirements has resulted in the lowest CO2 emissions per ton of steel production in the world. However, the simultaneous development of multiple new environmental regulatory proposals across several program areas at the federal and state levels will create severe competitive disadvantages for the industry and endanger manufacturing jobs.

Environmental Policy

Gulf Steel recognizes environmental protection as one of our key values and an important component of sound business performance. We are committed to protecting our natural resources and preventing pollution by establishing objectives that reduce our impact on the air, water, and land.

These values originate with the top management and are emphasized through all levels of responsibility within the organization. Gulf Steel will conduct its operations in a manner that is environmentally responsible and befitting a good corporate neighbor and citizen.

Guiding Principles

  • Comply with all environmental laws, regulations, permits, and standards of practice applicable to our operations and plan ahead for future requirements.
  • Promote and improve environmental awareness within Gulf Steel through effective communication, training, consultation and interaction with all stakeholders, including associates, contractors, suppliers and customers.
  • Incorporate environmental initiatives and targets in business plans with particular focus on waste minimization, recycling, reuse programs, and pollution prevention.
  • Manage the storage, handling, and disposal of hazardous materials to protect human health and the environment.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of appropriate environmental legislation.
  • Reduce environmental risks through operating practices and emergency preparedness programs.
  • Contribute to activities that improve the aesthetic quality of the community and the local environment.
  • Monitor, evaluate and continuously improve the effectiveness of our environmental practices through periodic audits, reviews, and the successful implementation of new environmental initiatives.
  • Ensure Gulf Steel Industry's Environmental Policy is communicated to all associates, contractors, suppliers and customers and is readily available to stakeholders and the public.

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